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  • Web Service Creator  v.3.5Web Service Creator is the easiest way to create a highly optimized web service based on your database schema. Also creates clients in Silverlight, C#, VB, Java, Delphi and REALbasic.
  • IP2Location Geolocation Web Service (Desktop Application)  v.2.0IP2Location Desktop translates IP address to country, city, region, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP and domain name using XML Web Service. Users can perform 90 queries per month using Free account.
  • MapPoint Web Service Software Development Kit  v.4.7MapPoint Web Service Software Development Kit 4.7 is an all-in-one product which contains documentation that describes the core concepts, requirements, development guidelines, and class library for MapPoint Web Service. The SDK also contains sample ...
  • CUAHSI water1flow web service 1.0 API  v.2008.7.13CUAHSI water1flow web service 1.0 api provide programming interface for water1flow web services. Api will expose to .net, java, php, javascript etc programming language. Developed by Joe hu at MapWindow software lab,Idaho State ...
  • CUAHSI WaterObjectFlow(JSON web service)  v.1.0CUAHSI WaterObjectFlow provide JSON web service for hydrology observation data,sponsored by National Science Foundation of United States,developed by Joe hu, MapWindow software lab,Idaho State ...
  • Java Web-Service Grid  v.rcThis project is a Web Service based computational grid infrastructure written in Java. Once setup, it allows a user to submit job(s) to the grid to be scheduled for execution on the grid ...
  • MIMOSA Tech-CDE Web Service  v.0.11.betaA C# .NET Implementation of the Machinery Information Management Open Systems Alliance (MIMOSA) Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Tech-CDE Web Service specification. This project should be used with the MIMOSA WS API project.
  • OpenXL Web Service / Workflow Middleware  v.rcOpenXL provides a flexible, platform-independent SOA/Web Service middleware and workflow programming language (SLL). OpenXL supports the creation, provisioning and execution of Web Services as well as the integration of code written in BPEL, Java, ...
  • WEB SERVICE FRAMEWORK  v.1.1This is a on going updating software project. basicaly it is a web service based project which can be access only with authenticated person. Full description of documentations are ...
  • MIMOSA EAI Web Service API  v.0.1.alphaA C# API for communicating with the Machinery Information Management Open Systems Alliance (MIMOSA) Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) web service messaging specifications. The API requires a Tech-CDE web service. (mimosatechcdews) ...
  • Melissa Data REST Web Service Interface  v.1.0This is a Java based RESTful Web Service designed to interface with the proprietary MD (Melissa Data) windows database. MD provides several interfaces to validate addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, zip codes, amd more.
  • Simple PHP Authorization Web Service  v.1.0Web service acts as an authorizer for other web services. It takes other service's name, client's IP address, number of requests and a key as input via GET HTTP request. It produces XML output saying is client authorized to use requested service.
  • Open Plume Web Service Widget (OP-WSW)  v.1.0This project is intended to incorporate a public algorithm that can compute a plume transportation and dispersion model via a web service. The communication protocol is intended to become a defacto standard for other similar programs.
  • 4k Mapping Web Service  v.1.0A web service for displaying dynamic maps produced from UMN MapServer. The maps are based on registries from the Harvest Information System, and the database structure allows the storing of demographics for each registry.
  • RPM Web Service  v.1.0RPM Web Service is a web service that will deploy and load an rpm file on a remote server. It will also allow you to query the RPM database on a remote server, build and deploy RPM's using a web interface.
  • DVD Web Service  v.1.0DVDWeb is a Web Service which provides organization/search/lookup services through JAX-RPC API. The search can be done against the builtin DB (the user's private list of DVDs according to UPC codes) or against other Internet sites such as imdb or ...
  • Web Service Message Queue  v.1.0WSMQ is a simple message queuing application that supports queuing messages via a loosely coupled web service. It's underlying implementation uses an XML-Based message queue.
  • Posps web service  v.1.0The posps web service defines an interface between a point of sale (POS) and the pharmacy system (PS) backend. This project includes the posps specification, implementation testing tools and a server reference implementation.
  • Web service interface to hamlib  v.1.0Web service interface to hamlib, the Ham Radio Control Libraries. This project is attempt to remove possible limitations against "virtual ratio" API usage in heterogeneous environment.
  • ClearQuest Web-Service Ant Tasks  v.1.0A ClearQuest Perl Web Service and a set of ClearQuest Ant Tasks which allow Ant builds to update ClearQuest records.
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